ITZY "IT'z ICY" Album Review

They keep talkin', I keep walkin'

Hey guys, today I'm going to talk about ITZY's mini album "IT'z ICY" which they released on the 29th July.

"ICY": At first I did not like the title track, but after a few listens, it became better. That's how it went with "Dalla Dalla" too, so I'm not complaining. I think that Lia's and Yeji's voices sounded a bit strained in the chorus. My favourite parts were the dancebreaks, the part after the first one and ryujin's rap part. My least favourite parts happen to be Chaeryoung's and Yuna's rap parts, I don't think it showcased their rap skills in a good way. I'm sure that the song will get the more views.

comeback stage: I did not see a official comeback stage because they're uploaded yet.Instead I watched a stage from the album showcase, loaded up by a fan on YouTube. ryujin stood out the most to me and her part was even bettter and more powerful than in the M/V. Overall it was really good.

Cherry: I really liked from the beginning and I hoped that it wouldn't be a club banger. I wasn't disappointed at all. Ryujin's part was really fine and yeji and lia didn't sound strained at all. Yuna could play off her rap skills better as in "ICY" and Chaeryoung was also really good. A calm, yet badass song.

IT'z Summer: I really thought that it would sound like a summer song, but in my opinion it didn't. Ryujin parts were good, Yeji's voice was perfectly beautiful, but I had a slight of weird vibe to the english like "What's Up Summer"- & "It's my summer"-parts.

DALLA DALLA - DallasK Remix: I think it was really fine. I liked how the chorus was changed to more of a calm sound so you're able to her the major beatdrop better, wich you couldn't do that in the normal version. In the "keep your chin up we got your back, just keep you head up, just keep on dreaming", the vocals sounded like they were more in the background & the instruments more forward, liked that.

WANT IT? - Imad Royal Remix: The song was not better than it's original, but also not worse. They both were on the same level of a good song. The original sounds like a disney soundtrack, the remix not at all. I don't really have a favourite part, but I especially liked the english parts.

Overall Opinion: I think this album was really good. "ICY" was really noisy, but in a good way. My favourite song is definetily "Cherry". It's not so loud and really cool to listen to. I'm not a stan yet, but I'm ready to become one. If I had to say who's my bias right now, I'd probably say Ryujin. I just love rappers and her deep voice is just great. Ready to become a Midzy!

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